Family Matters: Exploring Rick Ross’s Offspring

Rick Ross, the iconic rapper and business mogul known for his deep voice and larger-than-life persona in the hip-hop industry, has also embraced the role of a father.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Rick Ross‘ children, exploring their lives and the glimpses of family dynamics shared by the rapper.

Toie Roberts

Toie Roberts
Toie Roberts

Toie Roberts is the daughter of Rick Ross, and her presence in the public eye has grown over the years.

As the eldest, Toie has occasionally shared moments of her life on social media, giving fans a peek into her interests and experiences.

While she has shown a flair for fashion and lifestyle, Toie remains relatively private about her personal life.

William Roberts III (Billion)

William Roberts III (born September 5, 2005) is Rick Ross’ son with his ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp.

Despite being the child of a famous rapper, Billion has largely stayed out of the spotlight.

His father occasionally shares proud moments and glimpses of his time spent with Billion on social media, showcasing the father-son bond.

Berkeley, Hermes Roberts

While details about Berkeley’s life are kept relatively private, the occasional family photo shared by Rick Ross provides a glimpse into the rapper’s life as a father of multiple children.

As of today, March 2nd, 2024, Berkeley would be approximately 6 and a half years old.

Some celebrities choose to share their children’s lives extensively online but her father appears to be more protective of Berkeley’s privacy.

Billion Leonard Roberts II

Billion Leonard Roberts II is Rick Ross’ other son, and similar to his siblings, he enjoys a life that is shielded from excessive public attention.

They shared moments of joy and celebration, emphasizing the importance of family in the rapper’s life.

Due to his young age, Billion maintains a very low public profile.

Likely, you won’t find many pictures or details about him online, as his father appears to be protective of his children’s privacy.

As of today, March 2nd, 2024, Billion would be approximately 5 years old.


Amid his bustling career and the glare of the public eye, Rick Ross finds solace and joy in the company of his children.

As he continues to make waves in the music industry, the rapper remains grounded by the love and connections he shares with Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts II.

Through carefully curated glimpses on social media, they invite fans to appreciate the significance of family in his life, showcasing a side of the rap mogul that goes beyond the stage and into the realm of fatherhood.


Are there any controversies surrounding Rick Ross’ children?

Tia Kemp, Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend, has claimed he has at least 10 children, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

Why is there some confusion about the names?

There might be some confusion because Rick Ross has two sons with similar names:

  • William Roberts III: No nickname “Billion” is associated with him.
  • Billion Leonard Roberts (nicknamed Billion)

Does Rick Ross share his children’s lives publicly?

Rick Ross appears to be more protective of his children’s privacy. While he might occasionally share photos or videos, they maintain a lower profile than him.

Why is it important to respect the privacy of Rick Ross’ children?

It’s important to respect the privacy of all children, especially minors. They haven’t chosen to be in the spotlight, and their personal lives should be protected.

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