Exploring Richard Roundtree’s Proud Offspring

Richard Roundtree, the iconic actor who brought John Shaft to life on the big screen, left an undeniable mark on Hollywood.

However, his legacy extends beyond his acting career. He was also a devoted father to his five children.

Marriages and Offspring

Richard Roundtree experienced two marriages during his lifetime and was the father of five children.

His initial marriage was to Mary Jane Grant, and they exchanged vows on November 27, 1963.

From their union, they were blessed with two children named John James and Kelli. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in December 1973. .

In September 1980, Richard Roundtree entered into a new chapter of love and married Karen M. Ciernia.

Their marriage brought forth three children: Trevor, Richard Jr., and Tayler. Unfortunately, their marital journey also concluded in divorce in 1998, marking the end of their union.

Careers of Richard Roundtree’s Children

Let’s take a closer look at the careers and accomplishments of Richard Roundtree’s children:

John James Roundtree

John James Roundtree
John James Roundtree

The eldest child of Richard Roundtree and Mary Jane Grant, John James Roundtree is a talented actor best known for his roles in the movies “The Temptations” (1998) and “Roots” (1977).

Kelli Roundtree

Kelli Roundtree
Kelli Roundtree

Kelli Roundtree, the daughter of Richard Roundtree and Mary Jane Grant, is a gifted singer and actress. She gained recognition for her performance in the Broadway musical “Dreamgirls” (1981).

Morgan Roundtree

Morgan Roundtree, the son of Richard Roundtree and Karen M. Ciernia, has made a name for himself as a successful producer and director in the entertainment industry.

Tayler Roundtree

Tayler Roundtree, the daughter of Richard Roundtree and Karen M. Ciernia, has found success as a cinematographer.

It’s remarkable to note that each of Richard Roundtree’s children has ventured into the entertainment industry, demonstrating their unique talents and accomplishments.

Their career choices stand as a testament to the enduring influence of their father on their lives and highlight the family’s continued connection to the world of entertainment.

Richard Roundtree’s passing in 2023 left a void in the film industry. He is remembered not only for his groundbreaking role as Shaft but also for his dedication to his family and his unwavering spirit.


Are any of Richard Roundtree’s children in the spotlight?

There is limited information available about Richard Roundtree’s children. It appears they all value their privacy and stay out of the public eye.

Why is there a John James Roundtree Jr.?

Richard Roundtree named a son, John James, from each marriage. To avoid confusion, some sources might refer to the younger son as John James Roundtree Jr.

Why is there not much information available about Richard Roundtree’s children?

Some celebrities choose to share their family lives extensively, but Richard Roundtree’s children appear to value their privacy. This is completely understandable, and it’s important to respect their choices.

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