Unveiling Valdez-Hung’s Distinguished Offspring

Deborah Valdez-Hung is currently married to Stephen Hung, who has two sons from a previous marriage, Ivan Hung and Sean Hung.

Stephen married Deborah Valdez Hung in 2012, introducing his children to their stepmother.

Deborah, a former model and lawyer, now runs Dream Model, a top modelling agency. As a fashion icon and socialite, she has graced magazine covers and is part of the Versace Fashion Council.

Deborah, set to debut on the Bling Empire spin-off, epitomizes glamour and success. 

However, Deborah herself does not have any biological children.


There has been some confusion online as Deborah is sometimes pictured with Ivan and Sean, leading to speculation about them being her children.

This is not the case. She is their stepmother and enjoys a close relationship with them.

Stephen Hung, renowned for his opulent lifestyle and role in the Bling Empire, has a fascinating family life.

Let’s explore the lives of Stephen Hung’s children and his glamorous stepmother.

Sean Hung

Sean, Stephen’s eldest from his first marriage, serves as the CEO of Chiron Group. This successful entrepreneur specializes in the blockchain and digital asset sectors.

With a finance background, he’s been a strategic advisor for Insights and Talon Esports. Sean, an avid gamer, holds degrees from various prestigious institutions.

Ivan Hung

Ivan, Stephen’s younger son, is a talented breakdancer, showcasing his skills at his father’s wedding.

Beyond dance, Ivan is a fitness enthusiast and martial artist, training in disciplines like Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and wrestling. His social media reflects his workouts and sparring sessions.


Who is Stephen Huang’s wife?

Stephen Hung’s wife is Deborah Valdez Hung.

What does Stephen Bling’s Empire do?

Stephen Hung is a billionaire businessman and a star in the Netflix reality show “Bling Empire.”

He is known for his luxurious lifestyle, extravagant fashion sense, and ambitious projects in the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Who is Deborah Bling Empire?

Deborah Valdez Hung, Stephen Hung’s wife, is a former model and lawyer.

She currently runs Dream Model, one of Asia’s top full-service modeling agencies.

Deborah is also a fashion icon and a socialite, recognized for her appearances on magazine covers and her role in the Versace Fashion Council.

She is set to make her television debut on the East Coast’s Bling Empire spin-off, showcasing her glamorous lifestyle and business ventures.

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