Exploring the Lives of David Mann Children

David Mann and Tamela Mann, the well-known entertainment couple, have four children together.

The couple has been married for several years and has built a loving family together.

The Mann family is known for their contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly in the fields of music, acting, and comedy.

While David and Tamela Mann are public figures, the couple tends to keep their children out of the media spotlight, prioritizing their privacy.


While the details about David Mann’s children are generally kept more private to respect their personal lives, it is known that the couple has four children together.

The names of their children are David Jr., Tia, Porcia, and Tiffany.

David Jr.


David Jr. is the eldest son of David and Tamela Mann. Like his parents, he has also ventured into the entertainment industry, making a name for himself.

Tia Mann

Tia Mann is one of David Mann’s daughters. She, like her siblings, has not been extensively featured in the public eye compared to her parents.

Tia may have chosen to maintain a lower profile, avoiding the limelight associated with the entertainment industry, in which her parents are prominent figures.

Porcia Mann

Porcia Mann is another of David Mann’s daughters. Similar to her siblings, she is known for maintaining a private life away from the media glare.

The Mann family’s commitment to privacy aligns with their values of keeping certain aspects of their lives, especially family life, away from public scrutiny.

Tiffany Mann

Tiffany Mann is the third daughter in the Mann family. As with her siblings, she has not been extensively featured in the media.

The Manns have consistently emphasized the importance of family and have chosen to share select aspects of their lives while keeping other details private.

Strong Family Values

The Mann family is known for its commitment to faith and strong family values.

Both David and Tamela often express the importance of their family in interviews and public appearances.

Private Life

Despite their celebrity status, the Manns strive to keep certain aspects of their family life private.

This decision aligns with their commitment to maintaining a sense of normalcy and intimacy within their family unit.

In conclusion, David Mann and Tamela Mann’s children are an integral part of their fulfilling family life.

While the Manns share glimpses of their world through social media and select interviews, they remain dedicated to preserving the privacy and authenticity of their family experience.


Who are David Mann’s kids?

David Mann has a total of four children:

Porcia: From a previous relationship before meeting Tamela.

Tiffany: From a previous relationship before meeting Tamela.

David Jr.: Shared with Tamela Mann.

Tia: Shared with Tamela Mann.

Tamela Mann also raised her niece Sonya at a young age, considering her another child.

What is the relationship between Cora and Mr. Brown?

Cora and Mr. Brown are fictional characters played by Tamela Mann and David Mann in the Tyler Perry play and film series “Madea.” They are portrayed as an on-again, off-again couple who have a complicated relationship filled with love, arguments, and dysfunction.

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