Exploring Daryl Hannah’s proud Offspring

Daryl Hannah, the captivating actress known for her roles in films like “Blade Runner” and “Kill Bill,” has captivated audiences for decades.

However, there’s one aspect of her life that sparks curiosity.

She was married once, to musician Neil Young, from 2018 to 2021. However, their union did not result in any offspring.

Becoming a Stepmom to Neil Young’s Children

Public records and interviews consistently reveal that Daryl Hannah has not had any biological children.

Through her marriage to Neil Young, Hannah became a stepmom to his children. Young has three children from previous relationships:

Ben Young


Born with cerebral palsy, Ben has faced significant physical limitations throughout his life. However, he has emerged as a symbol of resilience and inspiration.

Ben’s condition played a crucial role in Neil Young’s life.

It directly inspired the creation of the Bridge School, a non-profit organization that provides communication and educational opportunities for children with severe disabilities.

Every year, Neil Young hosts the Bridge School Benefit Concerts, featuring renowned musicians, to raise funds for the school.

Despite his limitations, Ben has carved out his own path.

He started a successful egg farm on his family’s property in California, named Coastside Eggs. This demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to independence.

Ben’s story is one of overcoming challenges and achieving success. His journey inspires others to persevere in the face of adversity.

Amber Young

Neil Young’s daughter with his second wife, Pegi Young.

Neil Young’s children are Zeke Young and Ben Young. Keep in mind that information about celebrities and their families can change, and there might be updates or changes that occur.

Zeke Young

Zeke is Neil Young’s eldest son, born from his relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress in 1972.

Like his half-brother Ben, Zeke was born with cerebral palsy. This condition has presented challenges throughout his life.

Details about Zeke’s personal life are scarce. He appears to maintain a private life away from the spotlight.

It’s important to acknowledge the privacy of Zeke Young, especially considering the potential challenges associated with cerebral palsy.

Despite the limited information available, it’s clear that Neil Young has expressed his love and support for all his children, including Zeke. In a 2021 birthday message, he called Zeke “my old friend and traveller.”

Zeke Young is part of Neil Young’s family, but he chooses to live a private life.

While details about him are limited, it’s important to respect his privacy and acknowledge the challenges he might face due to cerebral palsy


Did Daryl Hannah have children through her marriage?

While not the biological children of Daryl Hannah, she became a stepmom to Neil Young’s children from previous relationships.

Who are Neil Young’s children?

  • Ben Young: Neil Young’s son with his second wife, Pegi Young. Ben has cerebral palsy, and Hannah has been seen supporting him at events.
  • Amber Young is Neil Young’s daughter with his second wife, Pegi Young. Information about her personal life is scarce.
  • Zeke Young is Neil Young’s eldest son from his relationship with Carrie Snodgress. Details about his life are limited, and he appears to value privacy.

Why is there not much information about Neil Young’s children?

Some celebrities choose to share their family lives openly, but Neil Young’s children maintain relatively private lives. It’s important to respect their privacy choices.

Did having no biological children impact Daryl Hannah’s life?

Daryl Hannah has had a successful career and is a vocal advocate for environmental and animal rights causes. Her life path demonstrates that fulfilment can exist outside of traditional motherhood.

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